Dear Business Owner,

River City Science Academy (RCSA) Southeast is a tuition free, award winning public charter school that serves grades K-8. RCSASE would like to invite you to join the wonderful community partnerships of select local businesses sponsoring our school for the entire year of 2023-2024. We are excited about bringing affordable, yet effective advertising for your business, while always appreciating your support for our students and staff.


As we are preparing for a new school year, we are requesting a donation of goods or services to support the teachers and students in the RCSA Southeast Community. All money raised by your donation will directly benefit the students and staff of RCSA Southeast. In appreciation for your contribution, your company’s name will be prominently displayed outside our building and in our school newsletter which is sent to over 1300 parents and families.


We are offering a sponsorship/advertising program through the sale of banners for the school year 2023-2024 which will be displayed on the fence facing the car rider line. Every day, the entire student body is picked up from school by parents or grandparents who sit (sometimes as much as 25 minutes) along this fence waiting for their child. We also have exposure to Philips Highway, a very heavy traffic area, for first come first served in sponsorship. If banners are sun, hurricane, or natural cause damaged, sponsor may reprint banner and send to school.


We are offering the following sizes.

• 4x6 banner for $500 which includes banner on fence (Earth Sponsor).

• 4x8 banner for $1000 which includes a sponsorship via the website and tagging social media 4 times in a year and putting one set of flyers to our Friday folders (all parents must check contents) (Solar System Sponsor).

• 4 x 8 banner for $3000 which includes a sponsorship via the website with a full logo permanent, feature in every newsletter, 4 social media posts, 4 times in a year flyer distribution, and an invitation to Parent Volunteer Meeting to discuss partnership (possibly held virtual), and the opportunity to discuss other partnership ideas (Galaxy Sponsor).

• RENEWAL or Supplied Banner: all banners should have holes for zip tides. Banner printing fee is $300 if you choose us to print for you.


For any questions, please contact

*River City Science Academy Southeast has the right to decline any business partnership propositions for any reason, including but not limited to existing business partnerships with the same or similar company or being a company that does not align with RCSA Southeast's business partnership guidelines. All business partnership propositions are subject to RCSA Southeast Administration approval. RCSAM has the right to decline/remove any businesses/banners that do not follow our guidelines of appropriateness as deemed by the school administration.