ACCEL and Acceleration Programs

Our learning environment is tailored to reach each student's potential through ACCEL (for elementary) and Acceleration ( for middle school) programs.
We offer specialized curricula aimed at fostering critical thinking and independent learning skills.
Opportunities include high school credit courses in Algebra I , Geometry, Advanced IT and Biology during middle school years.

Diverse & Innovative Academics

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate critical, complex, and creative thinking.
STEM courses are available, providing avenues for students to develop new skills.
Enrichment activities in STEM fields, such as Mathletics and Science Olympiad, Technology and Engineering challenges are offered to challenge and inspire students.

STEM-Focused Education & Program Design

  • Our programs cater to academically advanced students with high intellectual capabilities.
    We embrace independent learners who excel in problem-solving and seek challenging opportunities.
    Our curriculum is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of students.